Uses of a form 3575

There are so many reasons why people move – greener pastures, marriage, and a whole lot of others. Regardless of the reason, the importance of receiving mails wherever one settles cannot be overemphasized. This explains the need for a Form 3575. It ensures the United States Postal Service, USPS, lives up to the challenge of keeping track of everyone’s current addresses.

What Is A Form 3575? The office of the Inspector General of USPS claims that one in seven people change their addresses annually in the United States. In order to have their mails forwarded to the current destination, people are expected to fill a change of address form known as Form 3575. This request can be made in one of the following ways, although we would recommend

1. Online: Following the advancement in technology, this is easily the most preferred way of filing a change in address. This electronic method is the fastest way to file and comes with a service cost of $1. Your credit card will be charged this verification fee once you request a change of address online through

Besides the convenience which this method offers, it allows USPS to easily match the requests made by its customers against their credentials. It also offers a secure and effective process that eliminates an unauthorized change of address.

2. Telephone: One other method designed to work against identity theft is the telephone change request system. Just like the online method, it is fast, convenient, and requires the payment of a $1 verification fee. The number to call is (1) 800 275 8777, should you prefer this digital form of filing a change of address request

3. Physical Presence: Making a change of address request in person is the oldest method of filing Form 3575. It involves a visit to one’s local post office to obtain a hardcopy form. In the past, it was possible to print out Form 3575 from the comfort of your home.

This method costs nothing and remains popular. However, it is known to contribute towards identity theft despite the efforts made by USPS to process authorize, and validate hardcopy requests. This happens because Postal Service employees fail to check that a change of address request order is signed; accept forms with mismatched signatures; and in some cases, sign the forms themselves.

Some other facts you need to know include:

1. Filing a Form 3575 with USPS eliminates the worry associated with having your mailing address updated with senders should you be moving out of the country.

2. Change of address request orders is typically processed between 3 to 10 days.

3. USPS provides the senders who receive your updated mailing address and allows for updates to be made for those you forgot to add.

4. A Move Validation Letter is sent by USPS in three forms which include your old address, your new address, as well as a welcome kit that contains coupons and offers to your new address. It serves as a notification that you want your mailing address moved.

5. Inform your local post office as soon as possible to prevent identity theft if you receive a Move Validation Letter without making a change of address request.

6. Separate forms are required to be filed if you want to move your business address to the new mailing address. The same also applies to members of the same household who bear different surnames.

Simply fill a Form 3575 online, by telephone, or in person to have your mailing address updated and ensure you get every important mail.