Thriving with knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

Modern day businesses thrive by using the internet as a medium for connecting with potential buyers of goods and services. For people to buy what you sell you must first market it to the right audience. This is the same for the online market. Online marketing better known as search marketing by some market products and services online using specific SEO strategies from expert firms such as in Washington DC.

SEO simply means “ Search Engine Optimization” and is a creative content tool used by websites and blogs to enhance site visibility on Google and other search engines on the internet. The goal of SEO content use on any website is to attract viewer traffic to it. SEO’s make use of

Keyword Optimization features: This is a writing style which focuses on drawing the attention of search engines with the use of specific words and content phrases. These words are popularly called keywords.

Keyword research: As pointed above they are specific target words used in search optimization.

Proper content organization: The information and keywords are arranged in a clear, proper and logical manner which makes sense during scanning.

There are different types of SEO contents used by websites. Let us quickly point out a few of them

Articles: Are more detailed in composition and are used to provide in-depth information about anything of note.

Blog posts: A very common type of SEO content on the internet. They are short contents not larger than 800 words in some cases. Very engaging in composition

Lists: An article type content with information/ opinion arranged in a list form for quick viewing.

Product web pages: Mainly used by e-commerce sites to boost PPC.

Guides: a Detailed piece which explains how something is done.

Videos: Videos on just about anything are found on the internet and are used to attract an audience.

Instructional videos, educative videos, entertainment videos, just name it.

Having taken the pain to throw some light on what SEO’S are all about we need to point out at this juncture the dangers of using SEO incorrectly. Google strives for content originality and frowns at spanned content and plagiarism. This is to maintain a healthy internet universe for all as well as to improve research and intellectual innovation. SEO’S are like double-edged swords. When used correctly they can be effective magnetic tools for drawing onIine traffic to a website but if used wrongly it could have undesirous consequences. What then are some of the dangers onIine marketers need to keep a close eye on.

Dangers of doing SEO’S incorrectly

In a bid to seek improvement of web traffic onIine managers tend to make common mistakes which end up ruining set goals. Some of these dangers are

Over-Optimization of content: Keywords overuse make contents meaningless. While this may improve viewer traffic in the short term it can be sustained. A visitor who visits your site and finds your site full of crappy and unreadable content will most likely not return even if web crawlers bring it up during future searches. Bad reputation travels faster than a good one and on the internet, world negativity travels faster than the speed of light.

Url structural damage: Using SEO incorrectly on-site Url in a bid to improve attraction is one of the worst mistakes one can ever make. The wrong usage can completely damage the organic site ranking as well as site traffic. A bad Url is simply a failure at the first step. If the site’s URL cannot be intercepted easily by search engine spiders, content viewership will be limited no matter how rich the content is.

Duplication: A very common mistake made by many websites. In a bid to use SEC to its fullest advantage, similar contents, meta tags, and other features are duplicated multiple times. Back in the day, this may have worked but not anymore. Google downgrades websites guilty of this. The lower the site’s ranking the lower its visibility up until a point when it is eventually decommissioned by Google.

SEO can be a great tool for getting people to visit your site but the wrong usage can be counterproductive. Using it rightly will help you achieve your aim as long as you play by the rules. Discretion is necessary to avoid mistakes.