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Should You Pay For A Plumber Or Try To Fix The Problem Yourself?


Have you ever heard a thought cross your mind for you to take action on it, only to regret moments later? We all have, myself included. Most homeowners regularly are faced with this dilemma, with some ending up paying the price.

With the current financial constraints, some homeowners find the DIY way a more seductive option, compared to getting a professional plumber to get plumbing done around the house. So, the question is, should you pay for a plumber or try to fix the problem yourself?

Reasons For Getting A Plumber

Value for money- By opting to let a certified professional to handle the maintenance, replacement or fixing of any pipes/fixtures in your house, you save money by getting the work done expertly as well as having the job done once. You save on both time and money as well.

Expertise- Having sharp eye working on your projection comes in handy at any time. Why? Thanks to the vast amount of experience working on other projects, they are in the best position to offer quick and reliable solutions as opposed to getting someone who’s wet behind the ears.

High Turnover- Certified, experienced professional plumbers guarantee that the job will be completed within the stipulated time. The job gets done once hence no need for do-overs at your expense. Also, should he/she take longer it comes from his pocket.

Better Sleep- Imagine having your sewer pipe blowing up on you in the middle of the night, or cold freezing water spraying onto you because of that improperly insulated T joint you “fixed”? I bet it isn’t a warm and fuzzy one.

Insurance- Accidents and incidents are unpredictable. Licensed plumbers are compelled by law to have insurance, hence, should anything happen to your property of the contractor, you need not worry much.

With that being said, there are those of us; the 1%, who feel a lot of gratification when they take care of things themselves. Nothing is sweeter than your sweat (not literally of course). So, here is what you stand to reap should you attempt to roll up the sleeves and get dirty.

Headaches- Unless you are a certified plumber with experience, fixing a house’s plumbing can be nerve-wracking, despite how simple it may seem with the pros do it.

Increased Overhead Expenses- Because you are a newbie in this field, you are bound to make several costly mistakes which will add up on the long run, making you wish you could kick yourself in the ass for not going the other way.

You Will Get It Done Eventually- After numerous YouTube videos and trips to the hardware, great new: you will get the job done! Sadly, you may have to go through all that and possibly worse later on.

As you have seen, there are pros to letting the professionals do their thing. Should you find yourself wondering whether should you pay for a plumber or try to fix the problem yourself, you now know what you stand to gain or lose.

Cybercrime security awareness training.


Countries across the world are recognizing the threats posed by cybercrime. The fight againsts cybercrime needs a cohesive and coordinated approach. The all-pervasive nature of cyber crime necessitates collaboration among the various counter crime agencies. Varied definitions and lack of universal laws on cyber crime are some of the major hurdles in the fight against cybercrime. Over the recent years, West African countries have been the breeding ground for cyber criminals. Poverty also underdevelopment are the major causes for a growth of the cybercrime in the region. Recognizing the importance of a united fight against cybercrime, the countries have agreed to work together during the recently concluded West Africa Cybercrime Summit. Delegates at the summit emphasized on the need for a robust cyber security framework lest the need for large scale PC Repair across the country.

Counter-criminal agencies need support in the form of a strong legal framework that punishes cyber crime. Countries also need a strong cyber security experts base with experience in system administration, network administration, penetration testing, security audits, judicial investigations, information security also software development to address future cyber crime issues. Cyber attacks have increased in sophistication also frequency. People, business organizations also government bodies are subject to cyber attacks. Cybercrime also poses a threat to national security. Military and intelligence departments of leading countries encourage security certificates, such as certified ethical hacking training among their employees, to improve their capabilities.

Countries of the region can learn from the experience of developed and developing countries in devising computer education programs. Initiatives such as online computer training programs may help the West African countries in creating awareness on cyber security issues among the people and create resistance against Internet fraud. Schools and Universities of the region may also share faculty resources and explore possibilities of collaboration to improve cyber education.

To facilitate the required for such training, professional institutes are coming up with courses on computer forensics. They offer practical training on ‘ethical hacking.’ Safe handling of original evidence, carving hidden and encrypted files from the disk, making bitstream copies of the files, recovering image files and internet data like cache files and swap files, cracking passwords, retrieving date and time of file storage and access, testifying as a witness are some of the many aptitudes taught in these courses. Computer legal training Singapore teaches the use of tools such as Paraben, WinHex, X-ways forensics and Encase Forensic Edition. Another important part of the course is learning the chain of custody, i.e., legally relevant skills for constructing a case to prosecute in the court of law.

The training spans over a period ranging from 2-5 days to about a month, at the end of which the trainees are often provided with a forensic toolkit and a certificate. Towards the end of the course, a practical training provides real life demonstrations of how the cyber crime cases are being dealt with. Some courses involve classroom coaching whereas some opt for online classes. Depending on this, the fees and the time span may vary. Often, discounts are offered to students with merits. The course is divided into modules based on the curriculum. Computer training Singapore also offers individual training to students interested in specific modules of the course. The fee structure is thus segregated.

Why you should bet skins on CSGO

CS: Go or Counterstrike Globaloffensive has become one of the most played games and is one of the biggest Professionally played games today. The tradable Ingame skins in the game have become valuable and a big betting community for CS:GO started betting on Professional Teams in big E-Sports events like ELeague or the ESL Tournaments.

While Betting your skins seems risky and it looks a lot like Gambling it actually has more to do with analytics than just luck. And because Counter Strike Teams usually consists of five Players it is a lot easier to analyze a CSGO match than a Football or Baseball match for example. And since Counterstrike is a Computer and Online based Games it is really easy to get numbers and facts for the games on the internet where you can find just about everything for free, just look at

Besides that In Professional Gaming like in CSGO there is always a big Major which takes part and not like the Baseball or Hockey season with one Season, CSGO has no Seasons there is always a big tournament or some training matches for majors if there is no active one now on which you can bet on and take profit from.

Csgo skin betting can be a really profitable investment if you do it the right way and analyze the matches before you bet on them , but as is said before since CSGO in an online based game you can find almost everything you need on the internet good places for that would be pages like hltv or Reddit which even has multiple subreddits about CSGO and match betting which provide you with good informations and helps you with analyzing the matches for you. On these places you can also find a lot of strategies for your betting . Then in Professional CS:GO Gaming there are a lot of different types of betting sites and strategies which you can use to your advantage.

Some of these Strategies are very risky but the reward is even higher and some are really low risk but have lower rewards but still higher rewards than betting with low risks in other sports like Baseball or Hockey.

Besides all of that, it is extremely easy to get into CSGO skin betting because you don’t need to confirm your age with a license or have to send the betting sites papers of you to confirm your age or the state you live in. And signing up for a Betting site takes 10 Seconds because you can just log in to your steam account and you can start betting your skins instantly and you don’t have to worry about security because steam has a lot of safety measures which will protect your Skin inventory. So you can bet fast and safe.

So in conclusion, Why you should bet skins on CSGO?: CSGO betting is a good opportunity for investing in a new rising Market and it is also easy to access while it offers strategies for everyone and every budget. And besides that, it offers much higher payouts for the bets you make.

Jewelry Repair Guide

Fine jewelry is always prone to wear and tear, and it, therefore, calls for a continuous jewelry check by a jeweler to ensure that there are no problems with the precious jewelry. In cases where there are jewelry repair needs, there is an essential guide required for different jewelry to make sure the content is not destroyed during its repair. The jewelers majorly need this guide to know the repair process and give their clients the best services for their jewels. Most people who own jewelry may try to fix these issues and end up destroying the ornaments (Jewelry Repair Guide, 2018). They are therefore advised to contact jewelers like for assistance and avoid extra costs.

When the owner of the jewel wants their jewelry repaired, first they need to have trust in the skills of the jeweler. One is required to have a jeweler whom they trust before they choose a jeweler to work on their jewelry. Preferably, most jewelry stores offer custom designs in conjunction to trained jewelry artisans who are employed to attend to jewelry repair issues even though there are some services like timepieces that needs to be done out of the jewelry stores (Jewelry Repair Guide, 2018). The first qualification one should consider before choosing a jewelry store is check whether it belongs to the Jewelers of America to ascertain that your jewels are under qualified hands for ethical and professional repairs. Other eligible agencies one should check for include Gemological Institute of America, American Watchmakers Association, and American Gem Society majorly for watch repairs.

On an excellent jewelry repair, the areas where had repair issues should have the same color as the jewelry had before, the appearance and the luster as well should be the same as the rest of the jewelry. No tool marks should be visible like hammering stamps or other tools used. Repairs that deal in chains and rings repair should not have visible seams from soldering and cutting. The jeweler should ensure that the stones are tightly fixed and secure in their settings.

Resizing a Ring

There are some ways that a jeweler can use to resize a ring when they are loose or tight through three

Cutting and Soldering- The jeweler makes a cut and metal is removed or added depending on the situation so that the size can be adjusted to fit. The sizing done should aim at the center of the shank bottom, and no seams should be seen after the process is ended.

Sizing Beads- It is done by placing the inside of the bottom of a shank which can accommodate slight changes in size to about half size.

Spring inserts- It deals with putting the jewelry into a limb that adjusts to 1-2 sizes of a finger.

Chain Repair

Chains never remain stable as they were before they are undergoing repair. There can be some stiffness felt along the chain after repair mainly when the chain was tiny, severely damaged, or light in weight. Some of the strings that are complex in repair include cable chains, link chains, and herringbone chains (Jewelry Repair Guide, 2018). They, therefore, demand more charges than the usual chains.

Prong Repair

The more you wear the jewelry, the higher the chances for its wearing out and the high chances of losing precious gemstones. The prong wear is re-tipped by adding some metal or replacing the whole prong head depending on the intensity of their wear (Jewelry Repair Guide, 2018). After their repair, they have a perfect match in shape, dimension, and size.

Problems People Face When Moving Homes

Moving to a new home can be quite an exciting experience. However, it is only as exciting as getting a house that matches the homeowner’s budget and expectations. The process is likely to encounter a number of problems as stated by It is worth bearing in mind that the home has had several tenants before and may not be in an ideal state when moving in. below is a look at the problems people face when moving homes.

A notable problem with moving homes has to do with new utilities. Prior to moving into a new house, the homeowner has to find out about basic utilities such as water and electricity. Also, he or she will have to get connections for landline telephones, cable television, and internet. putting in place the gas connection happens to be among the most tedious tasks. This is because the homeowner has to find out the gas dealer that serves the area. He or she then has to carry out the application process and send the required documents of proof. How long the entire process takes varies depending on the location and the authorities involved.

When most people move to new homes, they tend to begin unpacking as soon as they arrive or when their property arrives. This means that they get to pass over the crucial step of cleaning the house. It is advisable for the homeowner to outsource this work to cleaning experts before moving in. This will allow professionals to make the home squeaky clean before unpacking.

Another problem involves safety and protection against pests. If the house has had several previous tenants, the new homeowner has no way of knowing who may still be in possession of keys to it. It is advisable to change the locks before bringing piece of property into the house. Also, there might be some unwanted occupants already occupying the house at the time of moving in. these are insects and other pests that may not be willing to vacate easily. Hence, before moving in, the homeowner should organize a pest control treatment to exterminate cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, termites, and more.

The other problem that people face when moving houses is defunct household amenities. New homeowners should ensure that they inspect the furnishings and plumbing prior to or as soon as they move in. This includes cupboards, cabinets, taps, and geysers. In case they are faucets that have to be replaced or leaks to be covered, the homeowner can easily hire a plumber. Also, they will have to check each room’s latches and inform the carpenter if any of them require fixing.

Previous tenants may have left unsightly graffiti on the home’s walls or painted it in a color that the new homeowner does not like. If this is the case, then it is much easier to paint the house before moving while it is empty. It is up to the homeowner to choose a preferred color and then call a house painting service before actually moving into the home.

Important Things to Note While Moving

There are so many things to take care of when moving. So, the time taken to move to a different home depends on a number of factors as seen in Each factor is unique for every relocation scene. Listed below are time demanding scenarios which help you track your progress.

Finding a new home.

Depending on your specific requirements, it takes approximately a single week to a couple of months to research your housing options and find a home that meets all your needs. After finding the perfect new home, the transfer of ownership will take place for about 10 weeks.

In the case or renting, agreeing with your future landlord and signing the lease contract will take a couple of days.

Selling your old home.

It depends on the location, desirability and the price you set to sell your old home. To stage your house for sale and get a few valuations, you’ll need a couple of weeks. Before you sell your home, there will be details to be taken care of such as viewings and negotiations by potential buyers. In the best-case scenario, where no unforeseen problem arises, the process takes around two months. If you were renting, you’ll need to notify your landlord in advance in about one to two months.

Ensuring professional moving services.

To ensure successful relocation, it is advisable to allow yourself enough time to research and find the best movers who will meet your relocation needs. This will take you at least a week.

Organizing your paperwork.

The paperwork needs to be prepared as early as possible since it can take a month updating, reviewing and organizing all the necessary documents.

Organizing your belongings.

This includes getting rid of unwanted items such as worn out and damaged items. Sorting out of your belongings should be completed at around 5 to 6 weeks before moving date and usually lasts a week. Take a day to make an inventory/moving list which will help in tracking all your possessions.

Packing your belongings.

The time taken to pack your belongings depends on the number of items you want to be relocated to your new home, the number of items to disassemble such as furniture, and the number of fragile items that need relocation as they require great care. Packing requires a great amount of time because a packing marathon will result in stress and possible damaged items. Packing may take up to 10 hours for a four-bedroom house, 2-3 hours for a one-bedroom and two-bedroom house and 6 hours for a three-bedroom house.

Moving day.

The time that is taken for your movers to load your items on the track mostly depends on the number of boxes, the number of furniture pieces, handling delicate and bulk times, and hoe prepared you are. This may take up to 7 hours depending on the number of items you have.

Transportation to your new home depends on the distance between your old home and your new home. Unpacking and settling in is the final step and depends on the size of your shipment. In conclusion, the average time taken to move to a new home is about 3 months.

Social Security Numbers as Identity

Social security numbers are used to identify any person living in the United States of America. This enables the government to track these individuals easily for security purposes. This number is needed if you are to enjoy some of the offered social benefits like retirement and many more if found to be eligible. Before a new law was passed, only young adults from the age of fourteen and above could take these numbers. The new law allows small children with birth certificates to get the numbers. There are also ways on how to get a social security card without an ID that can be seen on

If you have a birth certificate, you can use it as a proof that you are a citizen of the United States. This document is given after birth and it contains your details and those of your parents. If you do not have it at hand, you should consider visiting the hospital in which you were born in order to get a copy of it. Having this is an assurance that you were indeed born in the country.

Some other documents that you will be requested to bring along with the birth certificate are like a valid U.S passport and drivers license. The purpose of all this is to prove that all your details are true. However bringing the other two is optional if you do not have them. For those citizens who were born abroad, you will have to provide a report from the U.S Consular that indicates your birth took place while out of the country.

Those who have served or are serving in the U.S military can issue their military cards which will be analysed through the services of the social security . This will enable you to get the social card more easily since the government will offer you a lot of support.

If you have ever taken a life insurance policy, you must have been issued with a copy of the policy. In this are indicated all details needed in identifying you. Therefore, when this is presented, it can work out well in your quest to get your social security number. This is after the information has been ascertained to be true.

The original copies of any of the mentioned documents will be needed from you. Many employers will ask for the security number before offering you any form of employment. This is mostly done for tax payment purposes. Therefore, having this card is very important while you are dwelling in any state of the U.S.A.

It is nearly impossible to do many legal transactions without this social security number. It has formally become one of the main documents used instead of the I.D card. It contains nine digits which are different for everyone. Crime rates have also reduced drastically due to this. The number can be used for the whole of your lifetime, however, in a situation where identity theft occurs, you might have to replace it with a new one. Such a situation is very rare to occur but it does happen.

The best food in Melbourne?

This is text for you. After some research i founded out there is lot of restaurants in Melbourne from and i picked up 5 of them , but i picked up best of them ! The first one is Italian , and Vegetarian friendly , this was the biggest factor of picking it first. The restaurant is placed at 68-170 Little Collins Street. Because i live near , i can personally recommend this one personally. They have the best pasta around , and they have pretty fair price. Next one have crazy name in my opinion, the name is Afternoon Tea The Windsor Melbourne. Its placed at 111 Spring Street , pretty crazy address , not ?

But the restaurant is totally not crazy ,the opposite site of crazy , its professional restaurant but at the same time expensive one , i recommend getting you wallet ready! The restaurant is made in Australian style. They also have Vegetarian and Vegan food options, so go and check this restaurant out! The third one called Maha , It have decent Turkish I Middle eastern type of restaurant, its placed at 21 Bond Street. But this restaurant is not normal restaurant , it is specific because of they mediterranean style. They offer normal food for bigger price than normal i think. The restaurant design looks amazing !AIso i recommend trying wines , they have really good wines matches, than they have decent alcohol drinks, so if you will be in Melbourne you can try this.

The Fourth one is named Coda and it is in Asian style , also they offer Asian food, if you dont like Asian food you can try Vegetarian food in Coda. They are placed at 141 Flinders Lane. They are not too much expensive so great for hungry families! I figured out they have best dishes in Melbourne, and they are opened sometimes in night too. you can manage party there but if you will be able to , than you are so lucky person , because Coda is so busy restaurant. Sometimes happens you wait for your seat but thats fine. The worst think is the noise level , thats horrible! But after all these thing , you will get good food , at good restaurant, so its recommended from me!

The last one will be maybe the best one ! The restaurant is basically steakhouse offering seafood in Australian style. They are placed at 66 Hardware Lane. They offering very good price on some foods but sometimes very high on some harder to make foods, its all about what you offer.My opinion is, they have great food for normal price ,they have great environment and staff is so friendly. Especially staff named Costa is the most friendly human in the world , we was surprised . how much fun you can have in restaurant! if you can you must go to this one! So this was for me the top 5 restaurants in Melbourne, in Australia , you need to try them all because if no , than you cant find better food in the whole world!

The need for lawn care

Lawn care can be described as all the routine processes involved in taking great care of your lawn. Taking care of your lawn requires various steps in order of importance which ranges from Watering(keeping the grass fresh throughout the season), Mowing(this will bring out equal and uniformity of the lawn), Fertilizer application and so much more. A healthy lawn that is well maintained also has benefits to the environment. A lawn with a well developed root system controls erosion and runoffs an also helps purify water which is healthy to the body, this means that water leaking into the soil is cleaner and healthier. Lawns absorbed more organic matter, which enables human beings to breathe in clean air. In urban environments, having a great lawn gives us natural cool air which makes it easier to maintain your air conditioner bills down during summer season.

Professional lawn care

Various studies carried out by researchers have shown that taking care of your lawn professionally is the best method. Professional lawn care like offers numerous advantages which are included below.

Having a great landscape in the backyard is an essential quality for a good property. Therefore, without having enough experience in gardening services, Lawn owners may not always get the kind of lawn they desired because it requires you knowing that you’re taking the best steps to preserve your landscape. In fact, many property owners either over water or fails to aerate correctly or prune their trees too close to the ground. These little mistakes can have adverse effect on your landscape’s health and beauty.

One of the essential tips to having a beautiful lawn in your backyard is time dedication to it such as watering it at least twice a day, mowing which drains up your energy as well as applying fertilizer (organic) to it. As we all know this sometimes proves difficult because we would have to go work or taking care of our kids. This is where professional lawn care come into play, their services are very efficient and timely, they are designed to work with your own specifications and offer you many other examples of how to make your lawn standout among others.

Another importance is maintenance, taking care of your lawn requires consistent maintenance and you don’t need to purchase a new lawn mower once the old one has got spoilt, this is covered by your contract with them and this will save a whole lot of money too. Their services cost also varies this depends on the kind of options you choose to work with and the number of times of working on your lawn. From time to time, professional companies offer promo and discount services for their customers in order to secure their customers relationship.

Finally, professional lawn care is a must if you desire a beautiful lawn. Professionals know what it entails to get your lawn looking its best and always go an extra mile to ensure that it offers the look that you desire.

What are resistors?

Resistors are small electrical frameworks used to help control the measure of protection in an electrical circuit. If this sounds a touch of confounding to you, envision it like this. Envision driving quick in a parking garage. Once your auto hits a hindrance, it backs off. A resistor controls the measure of protection in a circuit while an obstacle controls the speed of a moving automobile. With each electric circuit you made, there will dependably be protection show. So having a resistor or two out of a course is essential to the circuit’s capacity. Resistors are typically made out of metal wires, carbon, or the metal oxide film. The resistor is worked by having a protector or whenever of protecting material wrapped around a wire. These fundamental gadgets are called detached parts in a circuit; they take vitality yet never deliver any back. While resistors can be found in a light channel, they cannot be utilized to provide light. Rather than making light, resistors make warm. In the wake of using your workstation for some time, you have presumably seen that your PC has begun to overheat. The warmth is from the resistors in your workstation, endeavoring to ensure your PC has the perfect measure of protection in it. The heat from resistors can be so horrendous for the other electrical parts. Numerous PC organizations have put in fans to control the temperature of overheating PCs. Without a fan like this, the resistor warmth can make inward harm the PCs. Read more and buy electronic components from Direct Components Inc.

There are a couple of kinds of resistors; they may be called standard, static, or an extraordinary resistor that arrives in a pack. Those that are in a box are called “Resistor Arrays’, and are set up as voltage dividers in circuits. The most widely recognized sort of resistor is known as the “Carbon film resistor,” and can be found in extremely straightforward electric circuits. The electrical protection in a resistor is estimated in Ohms, or the Greek letter for Omega. In a schematic image, a resistor would resemble a rectangle with two lines leaving it or a straight line with a “squiggle” in the middle of it. When taking a gander at a schematic plan of an electric circuit, taking a gander at a squiggle with lines leaving it is only the basic outline for a resistor. Resistors are imperative mixes to an electrical circuit; they are fundamental to the circuit’s capacity to work accurately.

The resilience of a resistor is characterized as how much the resistor esteem fluctuates from its marked regard. This parameter is described as a rate, typically 1%, 5%, and 10%. Exactness resistors are accessible whose resilience falls underneath 1%. The voltage rating of a resistor is the measure of voltage that can be securely dropped over a resistor. The power rating is the measure of energy that can be safely devoured by a resistor. Power recorded is typically thought to be the standard power that a resistor can expend, as opposed to quick. As a general guideline, it is smarter to pick a resistor that has a power rating no less than twofold of that required.

The temperature rating characterizes as far as possible wherein a resistor will work appropriately. The temperature coefficient of protection is the measure of change that is displayed by a resistor as the temperature differs from 25oC and is estimated in parts per million (ppm). The recurrence reaction of a resistor is the adjustment in impedance appeared by the resistor as a component of recurrence. A change in impedance as a capacity of repetition is now and then wanted and some of the time not.

There are numerous different elements to consider while picking a resistor, be that as it may, for some major applications, these properties offer a decent begin. Most merchants who provide resistors make it moderately simple to choose the parameters wanted. As specified beforehand, there are a great many resistors available so that it can channel through the ones required, contingent upon the application. Every one of these components is essential in the execution of the circuit.